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Digital marketing is where marketing meets the internet and other forms of new media, such as cell phones and even video games. Digital marketing covers a wide range of activities such as:

  • Social network marketing: Utilize websites like Facebook to spread the word about their products, or learn more about the needs, wants and interests of their customers
  • Search engine optimization: Optimize a website so it ranks high in search engine results
  • Open source innovation: Collaborate with customers or independent product designers to create new products
  • Viral marketing: Videos that are so much fun people want to see them and share them with their friends
  • Experiment based market research: Learn about consumer behavior by conducting controlled experiments on line, such as testing two versions of a product description on a website to see which results in more sales
  • Web analytics: Analyze data collected through websites in order to set prices, create better ads, make decisions about product distribution, and improve product design
  • Reputation management: Track what people are saying about a brand online, and help companies manage their brand image

Groove Design Outsourcing is today an emerging name in the field of branding, outsourcing & advertising. We have earned immense respect in the industry with our shear hard work, utmost quality, cost effective services via a team of fully proficient dedicated professional. Groove Design Outsourcing is a passionate agency working into several challenging fields equipped with remarkable expertise in the same fields. Groove Design Outsourcing believes in offering incredible beneficial services to the clients instead of merely focusing on its own profit. Groove Design believes in giving more than what received.
Expert Solutions For:

  • IT & ITES
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Medical Centers
  • Education Institutes
  • Industry Solutions
  • Event Organizers
  • Garments Exporters
  • Automobile Exporters
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Mobiles & Laptops

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